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    Barbadians are very religious people and there are over 100 religious sects operating in Barbados. Against this backdrop it is inevitable that there would be a large religious festival on the island. Gospel music plays an important role in the spiritual lives of Barbadians and the growth of Gospelfest is indicative of this fact.

    This festival of religious music brings together some of the top gospel artistes from North America, the Caribbean and Barbados. Much of the popularity of the festival is due to the presence of popular international artistes such as Dr.Bobby Jones and Jeff White.

    The music of this festival is very diverse and includes reggae, calypso, jazz and soul. Whatever your style, you will find the music and the festival uplifting and inspirational.

    For more information on Gospelfest, visit


    Celtic Festival (May - June)

    Celebrating the heritage of the Celtic cultures, this festival includes music, song, and dance, and attracts Irish, Welch and Scottish visitors and residents of Barbados, the Caribbean and beyond.

    Typical events include:

    • Haggis Nite
    • International Nite
    • Highland Games
    • Rugby Tournament

    For further information contact:

    Ms. Ruth Williams
    Tel/Fax: (246) 426-3387


    Barbados Rally Carnival

    Barbados Rally Carnival - three carefully chosen words that say so much about the people and place that make this event so enjoyable.

    Barbados - 166 square miles of coral reef that popped out of the sea a few hundred thousand years ago and has become world famous for it's tropical beaches and island lifestyle.

    Since the first settlers came in 1627 and established the world's third oldest House of Parliament in 1639, our people have worked tirelessly to keep our society and culture up-to-date with the rest of the world while retaining the very essence of Caribbean island life.

    Things sometimes move at a slow pace here, especially when we take the time to enjoy the weather and pleasant company. It's a place where things still get done, in spite of the relaxed atmosphere. You'll find that we're quite a resourceful bunch, if you need help with anything, just ask.

    Rally - we've been doing it for forty-five years. During that time, every trend and development in international motorsport has been mirrored to some extent by our clubs of volunteers and motorsport enthusiasts. You'll find our cars and drivers to be quite competitive and fans to be extremely well informed about most aspects of their sport and quite up-to-date with the international scene.

    Motorsport has become our most popular spectator sport and is supported at all levels of our Government and business communities. Our dense network of paved public roads is especially suitable to tarmac rallying and have character as diverse as anywhere in the world. Our RallySprint track at Vaucluse Raceway has been hailed as world-class and adds a new dimension to local rallyists' motorsport experience.

    Carnival - this is really what it's all about. We're here to have a good time and forget some of the more serious aspects of our day-to-day lives. Submerse yourself for a while in the task at hand: to fit as much partying, socializing and motorsport enjoyment into fourteen days of RallySprinting, tarmac stage-rallying, cruising, beach parties, dinners, and all of the other activities we've arranged.

    Take some time to get to know the competitors, organizers, service personnel, marshals and fans. We're all here to enjoy the atmosphere that good motorsport brings and be part of this unique experience.

    Greg Cozier
    Barbados Rally Carnival organizer



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